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Remember Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-crewI confess that I didn’t read the instructions very closely, but I’m pretty sure we can stop being thankful now that the holiday has passed.  I’m not 100% positive on this, but since we are apparently expected to line up at midnight and explode out of the starting blocks like Usain Bolt to beat our fellow citizens to the hottest deals, it seems that the time to appreciate what we already have has now passed and that we need new things for which to give thanks!

As the Black Fridays Matter shoppers launch a frontal assault on economic stagnation today, it is my understanding that one can now accomplish said shopping from the comfort of one’s own home.  Note to self: Remember to be thankful for that next year!  Although racing through a shopping mall plus a little mixed martial arts with your neighbor is undoubtedly a nice way to burn calories from the holiday feast.

I’m kidding.  Mostly, and sort of.  Good ol’ capitalism depends on this annual injection, and most of our pocketbooks could use the good deals offered today both for things we really do need as well as for things we really do share as expressions of love in this season of giving.  But you have to admit—the quick-change artistry from pausing in gratitude to sprinting for acquisition is humorous at least, and if we are honest, we may have a tiny little predisposition for going overboard.

But my thoughts today have less to do with shopping and more to do with memory.  Specifically, I don’t want to forget to be thankful when life hits the accelerator again.

Yesterday was pretty fantastic.  My little family was reunited, and we were honored to host a diverse group of friends for feasting and fun (and football).  We even had multiple international friends with us for their very first American Thanksgiving!  Our time together was a strong reminder of our personal blessings in this wonderful life.

I would like to experience that feeling on more days each year than the fourth Thursday in November, and if I can think crazy thoughts, maybe even every day?  In this frenzied life, I like to think that each and every day has enough space in it to pause and appreciate the good.

The Thanksgiving holiday may just come once each year, but maybe it can make such a strong impression as to lead us to infuse a little thanksgiving in every day.

Summer of Twelve


I hear tell we had another presidential election and that
London town hosted the Olympic Games,
But everything is hazy since that was
The summer my mother died.

Four years ago today.

Her traitorous liver transfigured her to a dark yellow
And took our sweet mother away from us.
“At least she didn’t have to suffer long” we said
To comfort ourselves.  To no avail.

Four years ago today.

I used to visit her office and unload my troubles as she
Patiently listened to my busy mind analyze the complexities of life.
I now suspect that she marveled and thought:
How did I make this strange man?  I wish she wouldn’t have left us

Four years ago today.

When she knew she was not long for this world she asked me to say
Words at her funeral.  I didn’t want to, but did, and made a
Blubbering fool of myself.  I’d do it again.  I’d do anything for her.
Even write an impromptu poem remembering what happened

Four years ago today.

– Al Sturgeon, Summer of ‘16