Look Up, Down, and Into


My wife and I fill out a one-sentence couples’ journal each day. This makes us sound either cheesy or wonderful, but the reality is that I once was desperate for a gift when I stumbled across it at Barnes & Noble. And yet we love it. The journal provides a daily prompt, and we simply jot down a brief answer each day. In time, the journal will be a three-year time capsule of “us.”

One of this week’s prompts simply had to be shared on a blog with a name like this one. It asked, What does the sky look like today?

I’m not sure how often I fail to notice, but it would be embarrassing to know.

It might not be a terrible idea to ask three questions at the end of each day:
1. What did I see in the sky today?
2. What did I see in the earth today?
3. And, what did I see in the eyes of a fellow human being?

2 responses to “Look Up, Down, and Into

  1. Pavell, Cynthia L

    Really good, Al. And nice to meet you this week!


    Cindy Pavell
    Executive Assistant to the President
    Pepperdine University
    (310) 506-6023

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Cindy! It was so nice to meet you, too!


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