What Are You Waiting For?

farewell-partyThe Greek word eulogia means “good speaking” in English and is the source of our word “eulogy”—when we say good things about someone who has died.  (For Bible nerds, eulogia is most often translated as “blessing.”)  Well, last week, the law school hosted the sweetest farewell party for me due to the job switcheroo, and people said the kindest things.  The very best part was that I didn’t have to die to hear them!

My good friend, Jeff Baker, took a moment on stage to take a picture of the event (shared above), and it is hilarious to see my smiling face on the front row of my happy funeral service.  When my real funeral comes around one of these days—and I’m not sure how this works—I intend to find a way to be there again since the first one was so touching.

It has always bothered me that we wait until those we care about die before we share what they mean to us.  There isn’t a law prohibiting the sharing, is there?  There must not be given my experience last week in a law school of all places.

So I say go for it.  Today seems as good a day as any to track down those people who have impacted your life for good and let them know.  I don’t suggest calling it their eulogy.  That would freak them out.  But do it anyway.  It sure did my heart good last week, and for those you appreciate, it is both safe and etymologically accurate to say that it will be a blessing.

2 responses to “What Are You Waiting For?

  1. Well said! I have recently been calling people who had a major influence in my life and thanking them. Doing so felt very good and I sensed those whom I reached felt good as well. At my 75th party I gathered my friends together and told each of them in front of everyone why I valued their friendship; the feelings were similar to those with whom I had phone conversations.


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